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Hello From Bobby Martin in Waco, Texas!

Meet Bobby Martin.


As an oilfield service controls technician, Bobby often faced the frustration of too many work gadgets and too few hands to hold onto it all while trying to get the job done. If only he could pack up his desk and carry it with him. When using a laptop there was never a place to set it down. He would either have to hold it with one arm and type with another or sit on the floor.

After a lot of thinking, planning and problem-solving, the OmniShelf was born.

Now he wants to share it with all the hard-working folks out there.


The OmniShelf employs the hexagon honeycomb design -- the strongest shape found in nature -- to reinforce both sides of the case. The deep briefcase design holds laptops, tools, and accessories. The case opens on steel cables into a super-sturdy work station that can attach to most surfaces.


How do I attach the OmniShelf when using magnets?

1.) The desired surface must be clean and rust free. With the OmniShelf, (Portable Magnetic Workstation), closed, attach it to a metal surface that is 16 gauge or thicker. Make sure hands and fingers are not between the shelf and the wall while attaching. The OmniShelf must be in full contact with the surface.
2.) Pull the OmniShelf open by pulling on the handle or the top corners.
3.) To remove the OmniShelf from the wall, close the OmniShelf, then pull the shelf from the bottom two corners. Do not try removing the shelf by pulling on the handle. The handle could break and possibly cause injury.

How do I attach the OmniShelf when using suction cups?

1.) Before attaching the OmniShelf to the wall, ensure the surface is smooth and that both the surface and suction cups are clean.
2.) With the OmniShelf closed press the shelf against the surface until the suction cups are compressed.
3.) Open the OmniShelf by pulling on the handle or top two corners.
4.) To insure full compression of each suction cup, press on each suction cup until each is fully compressed.
5.) If the surface is not completely clean and smooth, the suction cups will become decompressed. Keep an eye on each cup. If signs of decompression is present it is recommended to remove the shelf and re-clean the surface and the cups. You can also, reseat the suction cups periodically to maintain full suction.
6.) To remove the Omnishelf, close the shelf.
7.) With it closed, grab both sides of the shelf. With the index or middle finger pull up on the release tabs on each suction cup to release from the wall.

How do I open the OmniShelf?

With the OmniShelf mounted to the desired surface, open by pulling on the inside part of the handle or by grabbing and pulling the top corners.

How much weight can my OmniShelf hold?

The max weight that can be safetly placed onto the OmniShelf is 40 pounds. This is the case when using magnets or suction cups

Will the magnets damage laptop?

No, the mounting magnets use a steel cup that causes the magnet to be one directional. They are attached to the OmniShelf using stainless steel bolts and nuts. There is minimal magnetism on the inside of the OmniShelf. It is perfectly safe to close a laptop inside the OmniShelf.

Can the OmniShelf be used as a full time case?

No, the OmniShelf is not water or weather proof. It can only be used as a temporary case. For your convenience a laptop or tools can be closed inside while moving from work site to work site.