At OmniShelf, we pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions for professionals across various industries. Our flagship product, the OmniShelf, is the planet's first portable magnetic workstation that also functions as a briefcase. Whether you're an electrician, oil field technician, contractor, or any professional on the go, our range of products is designed to simplify your work life and boost your productivity.

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The OmniShelf Portable Magnetic Workstation

Introducing the OmniShelf — a groundbreaking magnetic workstation that seamlessly transforms into a briefcase! With its innovative design, the OmniShelf is not just a magnetic laptop shelf; it's your dependable, adaptable workspace companion, perfectly suited for both professional technicians and avid hobbyists. Let the OmniShelf be your go-to solution for achieving mobility and reliability in your workspace, allowing you to embark on your projects with ease!

Why the OmniShelf Is Your Ultimate Workspace Solution

The OmniShelf is not just a product; it's a game-changer. Here's why the OmniShelf stands out as the ultimate workspace solution:

3 Industrial-Strength Magnets for Unrivaled Stability:

The OmniShelf is engineered with three robust, industrial-strength magnets, ensuring an unwavering and secure hold. These magnets provide steadfast stability, even in challenging environments, making the OmniShelf your trusty companion for any workspace.

Effortless Setup:

Designed with convenience in mind, the OmniShelf is highly portable and incredibly easy to set up. Its smart design allows for seamless transitions from storage to a fully functional workspace, making it the ultimate choice for professionals and hobbyists on the move. Experience the OmniShelf's hassle-free, on-the-go productivity.

Deep Briefcase Design for Versatility:

The OmniShelf's deep briefcase design offers versatility by accommodating various items, including laptops, tools, and accessories. Its spacious interior ensures efficient organization of your workspace, enabling you to work without clutter and distractions.

Hexagon Honeycomb Design for Added Strength:

Inspired by the hexagon honeycomb design found in nature, the OmniShelf features reinforced sides for exceptional durability. This geometric design provides unparalleled strength, making it a dependable choice for your workspace needs.

The OmniShelf Portable Magnetic Workstation opens up to a right angle, with its 100 lb. strength wire rope preventing it from opening any wider. Additionally, its latches are reinforced with small rare earth magnets, each with nine lbs. of pulling force.

contractor and omnishelf

Ideal for Professionals

Professionals across a multitude of industries require workspaces that are both practical and dependable. The OmniShelf is engineered to meet the unique needs of professionals, offering an array of benefits that make it the ultimate companion for those who demand excellence in their workspace tools.

  • Portability: The OmniShelf is exceptionally portable, making it perfect for professionals who are always on the move. Set up your workspace wherever the job takes you with ease and convenience.
  • Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, the OmniShelf can withstand harsh working conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Strong Magnetic Shelf: The OmniShelf features a robust magnetic shelf that securely holds your tools, keeping your workspace organized and efficient, saving you valuable time on the job.
  • Removable Tool Tray: Customize your workspace to suit your needs with OmniShelf's removable tool tray, offering flexibility and organization for your projects.

Electrical Safety and Non-Conductive Design

At OmniShelf, your safety is our top priority. We take pride in the OmniShelf's non-conductive ABS plastic composition, a feature that enhances electrical safety and peace of mind for our users.

ABS plastic is an excellent electrical insulator, meaning it does not conduct electricity. This is a crucial advantage for professionals working in environments where electrical hazards are a concern. The OmniShelf's non-conductive design significantly reduces the risk of electrical shock or interference with sensitive electronic equipment, ensuring a safe workspace.

The non-conductive ABS plastic used in the OmniShelf acts as a protective shield, safeguarding users from potential electrical hazards that may be present in their work environments. You can confidently use the OmniShelf near electrical components, knowing that your well-being is our priority.

Whether you're a field technician, contractor, or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, the OmniShelf's non-conductive design ensures safe and reliable performance across a wide range of work scenarios. It's an ideal choice for professionals who require a dependable and secure workstation, particularly in settings where electrical equipment or sensitive electronics are used.

Explore more about the OmniShelf and how it can revolutionize your workspace. Experience firsthand the OmniShelf's exceptional performance and discover how it can enhance your work environment. Get yours today!

omnishelf with suction cups

Reinforced OmniShelf With Suction Cups

The Reinforced OmniShelf harmoniously blends the trusted features of the original OmniShelf with the benefits of additional suction cups. These suction cups are strategically positioned to provide enhanced stability, making this version ideal for field technicians or enthusiasts who occasionally find themselves in precarious positions. This combination ensures that your workspace remains secure and stable.

The Practical Benefits of Suction Cups

Suction cups are a valuable addition to the OmniShelf, providing several practical advantages in various work scenarios:

Smooth Surface Compatibility

Suction cups excel on smooth and non-porous surfaces such as glass, plastic, and certain metals. In situations where traditional magnets may not provide a secure grip, suction cups ensure that the OmniShelf stays firmly in place.

Versatility in Workspace Setup:

Suction cups offer flexibility in setting up your workstation. They allow you to utilize the OmniShelf on surfaces where magnets may not be effective or readily available. This versatility ensures you can work comfortably in a wide range of environments.

Enhanced Safety on Precarious Surfaces

When working on elevated or inclined surfaces or when positioned at unconventional angles, the added security of suction cups becomes invaluable. They provide an extra layer of stability, reducing the risk of accidental shifts or dislodgment of your workstation.

Stability in High-Vibration Environments

In environments with significant vibrations, such as construction sites or vehicles, suction cups can help maintain a stable workspace. They counteract the effects of vibrations, ensuring that your tools and equipment remain securely in place.

Overcoming Magnetic Interference

In scenarios where magnetic interference might disrupt sensitive equipment or instruments, suction cups offer a non-magnetic alternative. This is particularly beneficial for professionals who rely on precise measurements and electronics in their work.

Peace of Mind

Suction cups provide peace of mind, especially when working with valuable or delicate equipment. Knowing that your workstation is securely anchored allows you to focus on your tasks without distractions or concerns about stability.

Quick Adaptation

Suction cups are easy to attach and detach, allowing for quick adaptation to changing work conditions. This adaptability ensures that you can make the most of your OmniShelf in dynamic work environments.

Elevate your work experience, enhance your safety, and explore new possibilities with the Reinforced OmniShelf. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how it can meet your specific workspace needs. Order yours today!

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portable suction cups

Industrial-Strength Portable Workstation Suction Cups

For professionals who prefer the convenience of suction cups, we offer Industrial-Strength Portable Workstation Suction Cups, available for purchase separately. These heavy-duty suction cups are specially designed to work seamlessly with The OmniShelf. Our suction cups are built to withstand the rigors of the field, providing a secure workspace wherever you need it. Whether you want to add suction cups to the original OmniShelf Portable Magnetic Workstation or replace ones that you already have, we’ve got you covered!

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cup magnets

RB80 Cup Magnets

These high-quality magnets offer superior holding power, ensuring that your OmniShelf workstation remains stable and secure, even in challenging environments. The set includes three durable magnets that can be attached to The OmniShelf, providing a strong magnetic connection to any compatible surface. These magnets are essential for keeping your tools and devices in place while you work.

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