Why Magnetic Computer Shelves Are the Way of the Future

What are magnetic computer shelves, and why are they the way of the future? Magnetic computer shelves attach to any metal surface, holding your laptop in place while freeing up your hands. They're perfect for finishing work on the job site or for everyday convenience. With a weight capacity of 90 pounds, our mounts can hold even the heaviest laptops.

Magnetic computer shelves are a powerful tool for many people because they offer a level of convenience that traditional shelves can't match. From holding your laptop to important paperwork, they can be mounted to virtually any metal surface.

Learn more about the benefits of our magnetic computer shelves. Looking to redefine your workspace, no matter where you are? Order one of our magnetic computer shelves and other innovative workspace products from OmniShelf today!

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OmniShelf attached to a metal surface

Easily Finish Work on the Job Site

For many tradespeople who complete their work on-site, we know how frustrating it can be to find a durable yet on-the-go workstation that can hold all of the tools, equipment, and technology you need to complete your service. That's why OmniShelf wanted to provide a workstation solution that helps streamline the process of completing work and projects on-location.

Beyond that, we have noticed that the way many people work has changed drastically over the last few years. From many office jobs switching to work-from-home models to the increased importance of technology in almost every industry, including construction, contracting, roofing, and more, people are finding that they can do their work from anywhere. This shift has led to a rise in the need for innovative and sturdy workstations to accommodate this shift.

When you have our magnetic computer shelf, you can bring your workstation with you wherever you go. Our magnetic computer shelves are the perfect solution for those who need to finish any type of work on the job site, offering a level of convenience that traditional shelves just can't match.

back of OmniShelf with magnets


One of the biggest advantages of magnetic computer shelves is their convenience. Many of the computer shelves or on-the-go workstations on the market need to be mounted on the wall or require a flat surface to rest on. While these workstations are great for certain situations, they still don't offer an on-the-go solution that will go anywhere you do.

Our on-the-go workstations at OmniShelf can be mounted to virtually any metal surface and hold up to 40 pounds of materials. Whether you have a laptop or work equipment that you need to rest somewhere, our workstations can handle it!

This means that you won't have to worry about your laptop sliding off the shelf or falling to the ground. Plus, magnetic computer shelves are easy to install and remove, so when you're done, just fold your workstation up and head to the next location!

OmniShelf suctioned to glass window

Hold Your Laptop to Keep Your Hands Free

Many on-the-go professionals are accustomed to the juggling act of trying to keep their laptop steady while still having their hands free to work. However, in the long-term, this can be risky and often lead to dropped laptops or other accidents.

With our magnetic computer shelves, you can rest your laptop on the shelf and have your hands free to work. This is perfect for those who need to type or use their mouse while still having access to their laptop screen.

Plus, our magnetic computer shelves can be adjusted to different angles, so you can always have a perfect view of your laptop screen while you're working with your hands. Need to adjust the height or location? Quickly detach and reattach your workstation and get back to work!

Whether you're out at a job site or working remotely at a new location, carrying around your tablet or laptop can be bulky — and increase your risk of dropping your device! Keep your hands free while you work with the magnetic computer shelf from OmniShelf.

set of four suction cups

Mount to the Desired Metal Surface

So if you don't have to mount our mobile workstations to a wall, what's the secret? Our computer shelves are made with three industrial strength magnets. This makes our mobile workstation perfect for anywhere you have access to a sturdy surface.

Ready to use your magnetic computer shelf? Mount it to your desired metal surface using three industrial strength cup magnets. Each of these magnets has the pulling force of 90 mounts to help ensure that your workstation stays secure while you use it throughout the day.

If you don't have consistent access to a metal surface, we also offer a workstation that uses four industrial strength suction cups. These suction cups can be mounted to the back of your workstation, giving you the versatility you need to switch between surfaces!

OmniShelf transformed into suitcase

Easily Transform into a Briefcase

Our magnetic computer shelves wouldn't offer the convenience they do if you were left with a heavy and bulky workstation that you had to carry around. That's why we designed our workstation to fold up into a light and easy-to-carry briefcase. When empty, our workstation weighs 6.4 pounds and latches closed by using small rare earth magnets.

Redefine How — And Where — You Work With OmniShelf

Ready to redefine how you work? Try a magnetic computer shelf from OmniShelf. From convenience and stability to being able to take your workstation with you wherever you go, our shelves offer many advantages over traditional computer shelves. Shop our magnetic computer shelf and accessories from OmniShelf today!

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