Why You Need a Portable Workstation As a Traveling Technician

As a field service technician, your work follows you wherever you go. Whether you’re in the oil fields or at the powerplant, you need to be able to bring your tools with you. At OmniShelf, we have developed a portable workstation to bring your laptop and other tools with you no matter the worksite. Whatever your portable workplace needs are, the OmniShelf aims to meet them. As a field service technician, you probably already understand the need for a portable workstation, but here are four reasons to choose OmniShelf to meet those needs. Interested in protecting and transporting your tools no matter where you are? Shop our cases today.


Magnetic Laptop Shelf

Metal surfaces are everywhere in the field. From processing machines to walls, it is one of the few universal surfaces we commonly see. That’s why we designed the OmniShelf to be able to attach to any magnetically capable metal surface. From your car to a shed next to your worksite, the magnetic attachments are designed to hold 90 lbs of force each with each wire rope being able to hold 100 lbs each. Instead of having to sit on the ground and type or run back to your truck to access your computer, your laptop now has a portable shelf that you can place anywhere and at any height.

We also understand that, though rare, you may not have a surface that’s magnetic compatible. That’s why we also offer suction cup attachments. Each suction cup attachment set comes with all the gear you need to attach it to your OmniShelf and is built just as sturdy as the rest of your setup. If you want to be sure that your OmniShelf will work for you no matter what surface you have access to, the suction cup attachment is perfect for you. Interested in the OmniShelf? Shop today!


Safely Take Your Desk With You

Desks are traditionally static objects placed in offices that are designed to make work more comfortable, efficient, and effective. As traveling technicians, we don’t always get the luxury of working at a desk in our office. Instead, our office is usually located at a different location every day. Whether you’re driving to different oil digs or safely checking a different factory once a week, it’s still nice to have a comfortable and efficient way to get work done. OmniShelf is durably built utilizing a hexagon, honeycomb construction to effectively support everything you need. With 40 lbs of support capabilities, the OmniShelf is the closest thing to a stationary desk that field service technicians can find while working on the go. If you have been looking for a way to have that desk-like experience in the field or haven’t been but think it might be nice, check out the OmniShelf today!


Ready for Work in The Field

Designed by field service technicians for field service technicians, we understand the needs of traveling technicians and have designed the OmniShelf to meet those needs. Our founder — Bobby Martin — worked as an oil field technician for years, and never stopped struggling with having too many tools and too few hands. That’s why he designed the OmniShelf — to help field technicians, like himself, to handle a laptop while also having both hands free to handle tools. Instead of plopping himself down on the floor to type or having to set his laptop on the ground, the OmniShelf lets him safely work on his laptop without the hassle! And it will do the same for you. If you’re tired of having to work around a cumbersome laptop or having to walk back to your truck to get into a comfortable typing position, the OmniShelf is for you! Check out all of our OmniShelf options and attachments today!


An All-Around Solution

A desk doesn’t just create a place to get work done in an efficient manner, it’s also got room for storage and performs several other purposes. We didn’t just design OmniShelf to function as a portable workstation, but also as a storage tool to hold more than just your laptop. We get that you use a wide variety of tools each and every day to get your work done. From voltage gauges to pressure sensors and socket wrenches, you need a place to keep your tools organized and easily accessible. The OmniShelf is designed to serve that exact purpose. And to store all those tools right next to your laptop to keep you from having to walk back and forth between a toolbox and your truck. It’s an all-around solution to your portable workstation needs. No matter where you’re going, the OmniShelf is designed to attach to any surface, providing you with a portable workspace and storage wherever you go.


The Briefcase You Didn’t Know You Needed

No one uses a briefcase anymore. Those went out of style 20 years ago! And we bet you never thought they would come back. But with a changed design and added functionality, the OmniShelf is a briefcase in design only. While it carries like a briefcase, its durable, deep-storage construction can handle anything you throw at it. Made with heavy-duty ABS plastic and constructed using nature’s strongest shape structure — hexagon honeycomb, it’s lightweight enough to bring with you everywhere and strong enough to handle even the roughest work environments. You didn’t know that you needed a briefcase, but the OmniShield is so much more. Check out the OmniShield and all of the attachments today!


Perfectly Safe

We often get asked if it’s safe for electronics to sit in the briefcase housing with such strong magnets within close proximity. We would like you to know that your electronics are perfectly safe. The magnets utilize a steel cup that directs the magnetic field in one direction: away from your laptop. And, because those magnets are attached utilizing stainless steel bolts and nuts, the risk of a magnet or suction cup breaking off while the case is in use is minimal. The OmniShield is designed to store, protect, and safely transport your laptop, tools, and other accessories wherever you go. Don’t worry about the well-being of your tools, because this case will do its job. Shop the OmniShelf and other accessories today to improve your work efficiency.

As a field technician, anything to make your job more convenient on the go is a time saver and de-stressor. The OmniShelf is aimed directly at solving work convenience issues that have existed for decades. If you have been fighting your computer and other tools, annoyed by the difficulty of not having a third hand free, or have fun out of storage while out in the field, the OmniShelf is for you. Buy your OmniShelf case and attachments today!