Four Ways The OmniShelf Will Transform Your Business

As a service industry business owner, you know that the job you do requires tools and important equipment, but your technicians need to keep moving. That’s why the OmniShelf will transform your business and your workflow! By making your day-to-day operations easier than ever and providing a convenient, high-quality solution, you’ll wonder why you ever waited on getting OmniShelf in the first place.

It's Portable

As a service technician, you don’t have just a single place to sit down and work. Instead, your work takes you to different job sites and requires that you have everything you need with you at all times. That’s why the OmniShelf is perfect for your business! As a portable workstation that's designed for work and technicians like yours, your team will have an easier time performing services and ensuring high-quality work is done without losing tools, dropping technology, or dealing with other issues that come with not having a workstation on-site.

It's Hands-Free

Working with your hands is an essential part of your business, so having your hands occupied with holding up a desk space, paperwork, or tools when you’re trying to work efficiently is counter-intuitive. The OmniShelf is designed with powerful magnets to keep it stable and ready for use wherever you need it. Instead of standing with your laptop and typing with one hand, or sitting on the ground to use it on your lap, you have an easy-to-use workspace that goes wherever you go.

Briefcase & Desk In One

Have you ever wished that you could just pack up your workstation and bring it with you? With the OmniShelf by your side, you can do just that! Because it’s a portable workstation designed to support your laptop, tools, and other technology safely and reliably, you’ll have a desk that can be used anywhere and everywhere you need it. Because of the innovative design of the OmniShelf, you can also store your technology and laptop inside it so you have a convenient way to carry everything with you on service calls.

Sturdy Tool Tray

Having all your tools within reach and easily accessible is key to ensuring that you are working efficiently and effectively. The OmniShelf is designed to hold all your tools with a powerful magnet along the top when it’s set up so you have easy access to your tools throughout your job. Because they’re easily held on the OmniShelf, you can also more easily see which tools you have with you at all times.

The OmniShelf was designed by an oilfield service controls technician who was fed up with the issues he faced when trying to efficiently perform his service in the field. Designed by a technician for technicians, the OmniShelf is the portable workstation you need to transform your business! Learn more and shop now to get your own!