As a technician, you know that staying organized and productive on the job can be a real challenge. You have to lug around multiple pieces of equipment and tools, often with no convenient place to set them down. That's why the OmniShelf is here to revolutionize the way you work. This portable magnetic workstation doubles as a briefcase, giving you the perfect place to store and organize your laptop, tools, and other work accessories. It's the perfect companion for any job site, allowing you to take your entire desk with you wherever you go. Make your life easier this year by investing in the OmniShelf, the ultimate portable workstation.

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Having a laptop magnetic shelf from OmniShelf is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to stay connected while on the go. In this blog post, our team will provide four reasons why you should own one. Learn more and get in touch with our team to find the right laptop magnetic shelf for your needs.

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The holiday season is a time of year when time is of paramount importance. For many people, the holiday season is a time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. However, if you have a job that requires you to be on the job site during this time, it is essential to be as efficient as possible to get home sooner. This means making sure that your projects are well-organized and that you have a schedule that you can stick to. It also means taking advantage of any free time you have to get things done. This way, you can get home sooner and enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones.

The OmniShelf is a super-durable, industrial-grade briefcase and workstation all in one. This revolutionary job site companion allows field...

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If you work as a field service technician, you’re familiar with the number of work items you need to get your job done. From paperwork, power tools, a laptop, gadgets, and more, it’s often hard to find a place to put everything. After all, while in the field, you typically don’t have a table or desk to rely on. Fortunately, there’s a perfect solution: the OmniShelf. The OmniShelf is a portable laptop workstation that makes working in the field easier, less stressful, and more manageable. Thanks to its versatility and convenience, we believe it’s the best portable workstation on the market. Keep reading to learn four reasons why, and then shop now to get...


As a technician, you are expected to handle a number of different tasks while out on a service call. Instead of going back to your vehicle to retrieve tools, schematics, or your laptop, why not take it all with you in a portable, sturdy, magnetic workstation?

We’re Omnishelf, and we’re working to make life a little easier for the busy techs that keep our economy moving. Here’s how you as a technician will benefit from our magnetic computer shelf.

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What are magnetic computer shelves, and why are they the way of the future? Magnetic computer shelves attach to any metal surface, holding your laptop in place while freeing up your hands. They're perfect for finishing work on the job site or for everyday convenience. With a weight capacity of 90 pounds, our mounts can hold even the heaviest laptops.

Magnetic computer shelves are a powerful tool for many people because they offer a level of convenience that traditional shelves can't match. From holding your laptop to important paperwork, they can be mounted to virtually any metal surface.

Learn more about the benefits of our magnetic computer shelves. Looking to redefine your workspace, no...

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As a field service technician, your work follows you wherever you go. Whether you’re in the oil fields or at the powerplant, you need to be able to bring your tools with you. At OmniShelf, we have developed a portable workstation to bring your laptop and other tools with you no matter the worksite. Whatever your portable workplace needs are, the OmniShelf aims to meet them. As a field service technician, you probably already understand the need for a portable workstation, but here are four reasons to choose OmniShelf to meet those needs. Interested in protecting and transporting your tools no matter where you are? Shop our cases today.

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Do you ever feel limited by your workstation? Is your desk cluttered and cramped, leaving you little space to work? If so, you need to check out the OmniShelf! The OmniShelf is a portable laptop workstation that can be used anywhere. It is perfect for people who need to be mobile and productive. Let's take a closer look at this innovative product!

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As a service industry business owner, you know that the job you do requires tools and important equipment, but your technicians need to keep moving. That’s why the OmniShelf will transform your business and your workflow! By making your day-to-day operations easier than ever and providing a convenient, high-quality solution, you’ll wonder why you ever waited on getting OmniShelf in the first place.